Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday Night/Squeak White

There is a tradition at Chrisman's shop on wednesday nights, all their friends stop by, hang out and throw back a few cold ones.  I was first introduced to Chrisman's shop in 1995 when I went to their Christmas party with Bob Brooks, my boss at the time, and Dale Armstrong.  I can remember walking into that shop in complete amazement at the cars they were building.  After I toured the Chrisman shop I can distinctly remember Dale Armstrong saying "If you like that, wait to you see what they have going on in this shop over here". We then went into the shop of Steve Davis and Squeak White, I am pretty sure that is when I first saw metal work of that caliber.  I couldnt understand it, and I was completely intrigued by it.  From that day forward Squeak became one of my heroes! Squeak is one of those guys that is about as humble as they come while doing some of the best work I have ever seen. Fast Forward alot of years and many Christmas parties, Squeak and I have become friends, and his shop has become a regular stop for me on Wednesday night.  I always look forward to seeing what he is working on and quizzing him about his fabrication methods. So last Wednesday night Jeff Neppl and I cruised over to shoot the shit with the guys and visit squeak.  While I was there I managed to snap some quick shots of his shop and some of the projects he has going on. Squeak picked up a 54 Chevy not to long ago,  and I cant wait to see the transformation from stocker to one of the best customs ever built!  I cant wait till he chops the top on that thing!!

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