Saturday, February 19, 2011

Long Beach Auto Swap

Last Sunday I hit the Long Beach Auto Swap. I saw some good stuff and walked away with few good finds.
This thing was about 10" long and is gas powered
I liked these scoops
This was for sale. I really liked the rear nerf bar
I was talking to the guy that built this and told him about my '33 Roadster. He knew the car and remembered seeing it at the Primer Nationals in 2009. He originally thought it was a fiberglass body but then he read the article in Rod and Custom he couldn't believe it was steel. I actually get that a lot.
He also makes these calendars. They have all the important dates on there like, every antique auto swap meet in the USA. Over 100 swap meets and they're printed on the back too.
Speaking of Antique Swap Meets, next weekend is The Big Three in San Diego. I know I'll be there.


  1. I think that little roadster is called a "rodzy".
    Cool find but an easy couple hundred bucks!
    How much was the real roadster project?

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