Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm a FreeBorn Man

The very first Born Free show took place in the parking lot of the old CCHR shop. It was hands down the best bike show I'd ever been to until Born Free 2 in Long Beach.
Born Free 3 is just a few months away and I've got a feeling this one will be the Mother of all bike shows. As always it'll cost you, zip, zero, nada. You're probably asking yourself "How the hell do they do it?". I have no clue but when the posters & raffle tickets went on sale at Chopperfest 2010, I was the first to buy one. I picked lucky 13.
For a mere $25 not only do you get a bitchin poster and feel good about supporting the best bike show west of the Mississippi but you also have a fighting chance of wining a Garage Company built Knucklehead... Yowza!!!
For me the Born Free show is about hitting the road and living Free. Jimmy Martin sums it all up with this song. I could swear he's saying "My home is on my Bike"

Buy a poster/raffle ticket HERE... Check on the progress of the Born Free Knucklehead HERE... and find out more about the Born Free show HERE

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