Monday, February 21, 2011

A Man Never Has Enough...

On a recent trip to Big Bear Mountain we stopped off in Lake Arrowhead for a cup of Joe and discovered this...
I wasn't sure what to expect because all the Pendleton's I own are vintage. I knew they were still around but wasn't sure if they still made the old stuff

 Low and behold, they had a great selection of the same plaid shirts you used to find at Thrift Stores (not any more). They weren't thrift store prices but still good value at up to 75% off retail.
They had some good stuff for the girls too
We steered clear of the Dumb and Dumber section.
 The store sits right on Lake Arrowhead. I took this picture from a window inside the store.
I couldn't resist adding one more shirt to my collection because you know what they say...

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