Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Big 3

Here's a few pictures from the Big 3 Antique Auto Swap. We got there at 5am Friday morning.
It takes place in the parking lot of the Stadium for the San Diego Chargers
As the sun came up I headed out to see what I could find. The rain scared a lot of vendors away this year
Old Plymouth
 This guy was promoting the Rusty Nuts Swap Meet and drove all the way from Twin Falls Idaho.
I was digging this.

 A lot of people camped out at the swap (myself included). There were some cool old trailers. I just crashed in the back of my Pickup.

 nice headlights.
 Love the old Econoline pickups
 Aluminum body dragster. He was assembling the front end.
 I'm feeling a fist pump coming on.
 OMG! a white boxer so cute.
 These Kid-sized glass bodies were pretty cool.
I've alway loved old stars and bars stuff.
Shipwreck put together enough parts to build a radrod pickup.
It rained all through the night Friday which flooded a large portion of the swap meet. This area was crammed with vendors before the police evacuated it.
John (AKA Rock-a-billy Jesus) was all set to go surfing. 

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